Emergency Planning

Over the weekend there were huge storms through DFW and a tornado pretty much leveled part of Rowlett. On Facebook there are tons of posts about lost pets.

It’s gratifying to see the number of people stepping forward trying to rescue them and reunite families with their pets. It’s also nice that various vets, individuals and businesses have come forward to help by holding pets until they can be reunited.

This brings up what is on my mind: Do you have an emergency plan for you whole family in case of an…Emergency? Say you got a call telling you that a tornado was on the ground heading in your direction and it was about 5 minutes away, do you have a plan to make sure everybody is safe?

In our case grabbing all of the dogs harnesses and moving them in to the master bedroom closet is pretty easy. The real problem is getting the three cats in to a carrier. Good luck. All of our animals are microchipped so there is a decent chance of recovery if any are lost.

What about medications? What about your valuables? What about your data?

Something else to consider: do you know basic first aid? Do you know how to treat a broken bone? What if somebody get a piece of rebar rammed through body? How do you treat serious bleeding?

It’s all worth taking a small amount of time and planning out. Hopefully it’s just a fun exercise you never actually have to do. But should the shit actually hit the fan you’ll be glad you took the time.


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