Teaching your dog its name

How do you teach your new dog its name? This is a pretty normal problem for adopters and in general it’s not really a big deal. If you just keep calling your dog by the name you plan to use it will eventually just figure it out. However you can speed the process up so your dog will know its name in a couple of 15 minute sessions over a few days.

The way to teach a dog its name is called Puppy Ping Pong. You’ll need two people and some high value treats. The two of you get about five to ten yards apart facing each other. The dog will start next to one person. The person without the dog calls the dog by its name. Say nothing else. Just say the name in an excited manner. When the dog comes over reward it with a treat. Now the other person does the same thing. Do this back and forth about twenty times and repeat three or four times even after the dog has started responding to its name. Dogs learn through repetition (4 sets of 20) and reinforcement (the treats).

Now that your dog knows its name you can move on to obedience training.


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