Tate – a quandary

Our new LOW foster Tate is a great little dog but he’s a bit of a quandary right now. Admittedly we’ve had him for just over 24 hours so we’re still getting to know him. What we know so far: he’s a bit skiddish, he doesn’t eat much and he just wants to snuggle. Oh, and he has fleas.


The fleas shouldn’t be much of an issue. We’ve bathed him once and my dogs have all had their pills so hopefully it will get sorted out. Worst case he’ll go to the groomer for a professional going over. But I’ll try and second and third flea bath before that given his skiddishness.

The quandary is whether or not we have a scared dog or not. He’s not really started to play much and he cowered away from a squeaky toy when we offered it to him. On the other hand though I took him out to go potty and he took care of his business while my pack was running through the yard acting like the maniacs they are. No issues. Once they were back in I offered up treats and he had no trouble getting his right along side the big dogs. But as soon as the treats were put away he made a B line back to Mom for more snuggles.

One possibility is that he just isn’t comfortable being around a pack of big dogs. Tate is maybe 20lbs. Even though he has some fleas (I’ve only witnessed 2) he seems to have been well cared for. However, I don’t know if or how he was socialized. Has he been around a lot of people and dogs? Did he just stay in his home with the other dogs (I think some from the same litter)? No idea and no good way to find out.

The plan: SSDD. Patience. He sleeps in his kennel just fine and while he doesn’t seem to want to play with my pack yet he isn’t hiding under the bed from them. We’ll just do what we always do and see how it develops. Luckily between my trainer, LOW and all the other dog people we have a great support network to help make sure we send a great dog off to New York in February.


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