We need fosters!

Ffff@$%^@%^&*(&!!!!!!!!!!!!. Rescues need fosters and adopters NOW!

We are barely a week past Christmas and the puppies are already pouring in. DFW GSR has already picked up a few puppies. HSFM Love on Wheels is trucking in 7 (?) puppies and there are tons of others. We need fosters.

If you’d like to foster a puppy or younger dog now would be a great time to step up. All rescues are going to need help. Whatever breed is your preference: just speak up and they’ll find you a dog to foster.

What if you decide you want to keep the dog? This is what we call a “foster failure”. In some ways it’s not really a failure, it just means you have a match. You can look a foster as a type of pet dating if you don’t already have a dog. You bring in your foster, you spend some time together and if you decide this is your dog you finish the adoption process. If you decide it’s not quite a match then you help find the dog its forever home and help it on its way. However, I have yet to foster a dog that I would not have happily kept. There are two reasons I don’t keep my fosters: first, I already have 4 dogs in my house and in my town I can’t have keep a fifth dog. Second, Love on Wheels specifically forbids you from keeping the dog because it has to go to New York. If you’re really concerned about foster failing just tell the rescue organization to not allow you to keep any dogs.

The hardest part for my family is when the new adopters don’t stay in touch. It’s cool getting to see pictures of ‘our’ dogs with their new family and knowing that they’re well cared for and loved.

The down side of fostering is getting involved and knowing what goes on. Knowing how many dogs are killed every year because people insist on doing the things people do. DFW GSR’s intake coordinator has to deal with tons of emails from families wanting to surrender their aging German Shepherds because they are suddenly too expensive to keep. At this time of year we have to deal with all of the families that thought it would be cool to get little Jonnie or Suzzie a cute puppy and then they discover that raising a puppy is actually more work than raising a baby. Luckily for them getting rid of the puppy is easier than getting rid of a baby. Personally, I’d prefer to euthanize those people for helping create this problem in the first place.

Anyway, if you’re up for it: volunteer. It’s very rewarding and you don’t have to get as involved as I have. Actually, just foster the dog and stay the hell away from all of the rescue news would be the way but it’s too late for me.


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