Another one off

Today we sent Shiloh off to New York. It was not easy to do.

Shiloh is a border collie mix and has such a great personality. She got along great with my pack and did ok with the cats.

One aspect I hate about this is not knowing the background of these dogs. I have no idea how she ended up in a shelter. When I got her from Love On Wheels she was a frightened little dog. I got her home and carefully introduced her to my pack. Imagine being a little 20 pound puppy having 3 big German Shepherds crowd around you. Yeah, not intermediating at all. Luckily my dogs have gotten used to our guests so they roll with it pretty well, but I still supervise their interactions pretty carefully. Anyway, the first few days she was a little withdrawn, but it didn’t take her long to move in and let her personality show. She went from frightened to comfortable to confident over the few weeks I got to have her.

Initially she didn’t really play with toys, but over the past two weeks she started copying Lola by picking up tennis balls and running around the yard with them in her mouth. She even started playing tug with me. The fact that she will play tug in my opinion indicates that she’ll be really easy to train. Hopefully her forever family will take full advantage of that eagerness.

Rosie (my Red & Black Shepherd) tend to play the role of mother to our fosters. I’ve talked about Rosie before and she continues to be such a great find. I feel sorry for the family that returned her (but they can’t have her back now), had they listened to me and had more patience they would have scored such a huge win. Rosie has mothered every foster that has come in to this house. It’s always fun and heart warming to watch her interactions with them.

And yeah – make backyard is destroyed. We don’t have grass anymore, just mud. Something about having a 90lbs turbo charged puppy just spells doom for grass. I’m planning to redo the yard to try and save it. The biggest problem is that Kaiser, besides tearing up the grass likes to play in mud puddles and the whole pack tracks dirt in to the house so we have to constantly sweep and mop the floors.

One small issue I have is that I’m very permissive as a handler. The dogs get away with bloody murder. No wonder they love me so much. Above we see what happens when somebody leaves their poster project stuff out. Shiloh got ahold of a Crayola marker and she had sooo much fun.

We’re going to miss that little turd burglar. She definitely earned the title with some of her little stunts. Whoever is smart enough to adopt her will bring so much love in their house they won’t understand how they got along without her (just keep the markers out of reach, and shoes, stuffed animals and well – keep an eye on her).

We’re going to take a week or two off but we’ll be fostering another dog soon. Our intention is to foster a Shepherd from DFW German Shepherd Rescue where my pack comes from. There are so many needing rescue it’s heart breaking, but the truth is there are dogs of all breeds needing rescue.


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