Dog Training Resources

During adoption events I’ve told people I would put together a list of dog training resources on YouTube that I regularly refer to. So here it is:

Dog training resources:

Zak George

Zak’s channel is my favorite and I’ll generally watch his videos the minute they show up. He’s definitely part of the positive training movement and he does an excellent job representing it and showing others how it is done.

Training Positive (been inactive for a while)

This channel hasn’t been active for a while which is disappointing. The material already there is excellent and I wish he’d produce more.


More positive training stuff. For whatever reason it’s not my favorite resource.

Michael Ellis (Leerburg Enterprises)

I have a few of Michael’s videos and I really like them and recommend them (The Power of Playing Tug is the best video I’ve seen). What I particularly like about Michael’s approach is that he’ll use everything and explain how to do it right. Unlike the positive training mafia he’ll explain how to use a prong collar correctly and how it is going to affect the training of your companion. Even though I have no plans to make use of prong collars or remote collars I do like knowing how to properly use them.


Gone to the snow dogs

This is just a fun channel and huskies are beautiful.

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