Getting control of meal time

Two of my dogs eat pretty fast. One of them, he will remain nameless, after he finishes his food will go around checking the other dogs to see if they want to share. That of course causes problems. So what to do?

First solution is pretty easy: put a tennis ball in your dog’s bowl and then pour the food in. This will work for a while but both of my dogs eventually figured out that they could just take the ball out of their bowl. So much for dumb dogs.

You could get fancy and drill a hole in the center of the bowl and use a piece of cord to only allow the ball to move around inside the bowl.

Another solution is to get a slow feeder. I’m testing a Slo-Bowl Slow Feeder right now and it works really well. My dog is the fastest eater in the pack and with this thing his finishes well after all of the other dogs are done.

I’ll probably be adding at least one more.


On Friday Rosie was taken to her new Furever family.

Rosie at this point was our more difficult foster. Not because she was a bad dog but because we got very attached to her. My dog Kaiser didn’t leave her side the whole time she was here. The two of them cause more trouble and mischief than 2 dogs should be capable of. They were an absolute riot together.

Here is an example of the fun they had:

My youngest was really upset when she was adopted and while I didn’t show it I wasn’t all that happy either. I would have been quite happy for her to stay here forever.

On the Brightside: we’ll foster again in a few months so we can help another dog have a 2nd chance.